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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!
Film of the Month: June 2021

Film of the Month: June 2021

Welcome to our little corner of the world of analog photography. Each month we are featuring a different film stock, highlighting photographers in the community and our own staff.

The process and approach with film is a little different than our digital world, we slow down, we are maybe a bit more deliberate in our compositions and captures. When you consider you have 12 or 36 images, on just one roll, slowing down just makes sense.

In May we featured Ilford's awesome HP5 black and white film. We saw a lot of great images tagged throughout May and are excited to share our fave snap from Marina Boichuk. She's an avid film photographer with a focus on portraiture. This series is so wonderful, we had a hard time deciding on a fave! Congrats Marina!


Check out what other photographers in the community shared via this hashtag: #GlazersILFORDHP5


 Museum of Pop Culture by Kate Hailey

 Summer is just around the corner and a film stock like Kodak Gold inspires us to explore those warm days with this vintage look. There is just something wonderfully inviting in the grain, the tones, and textures of this film.

Show us your Kodak Gold photos in June!

Throughout June, share your fave Kodak Gold snaps on Instagram and use the following hashtags:


One stand-out image will be selected at the end of the month to win a print of that image from Panda Lab in Seattle. As well, this winner will receive a few fun prizes from Glazer's.


If you're in the Seattle area, head to Panda Labs in Queen Anne to get your film processed! Panda Labs will offer a 10% off promotion for those who mention this promo and are processing Kodak Gold film.


Seattle Center images by Kate Hailey, captured on a Nikon F100 and Kodak Gold, processed at Panda Lab Seattle.

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