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Sensor Cleaning

We offer professional in-house sensor cleaning. Drop your mirrorless or DSLR camera off anytime we are open.
Drop Off & Pay

Drop off your camera(s) anytime for sensor cleaning. $85 mirrorless, $98 for DSLR.


Sensor cleaning takes 2 business days, we will contact you to confirm gear is ready for pick up.

Need it Done Faster?

We offer same day sensor cleaning service for an additional $20. Drop off by 12pm, Pick up after 5pm.

Purchase a Voucher

Purchase a sensor cleaning voucher here to use at a future date or give as a gift.

What's Included

What's Included

Our skilled technicians do a thorough cleaning using both a wet and dry process. Before cleaning the sensor itself they try to remove as much lint and dust as possible starting in and around the lens mount. The shutter will be fired several times to remove dust on the blades, then if a DSLR, the mirror, mirror lift mechanism, and mirror walls will be cleaned. Lastly the sensor itself will be cleaned with sensor safe products. If there is a body cap on the camera it will also be cleaned.

Why Clean Your Sensor?

Why Clean Your Sensor?

Over time dust, lint, and other debris can make its way inside your camera and build up on your sensor. Taking lenses on and off the camera body and/or photographing in dusty, sandy, windy type conditions increases the need for frequent sensor cleaning.

If you start noticing dark spots in the light areas of your photos chances are your sensor is dirty. Camera sensors are statically charged and naturally attract dust.

Our technicians have all tools to see and safely remove the flecks of dust causing artifacts in your photos.