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Glazer’s Holiday Gift Guide: The Best in Analogue & Instant Film

Glazer’s Holiday Gift Guide: The Best in Analogue & Instant Film


In the past few years we have seen a massive increase in the love of creating images on film. In this digital age, we are embracing the creative process and slowing down by using film as a format. Glazer’s offers a broad spectrum of used Film and Digital Cameras, the selection varies daily, we suggest visiting on a regular basis!




From finding awesome older, 35mm cameras like a Nikon FM2 or a Contax, to larger cameras like Pentax 6×7 or Hasselblads, the wide variety of cameras we see is quite spectacular.





Along with this variety in cameras, we stock a lot of varieties of film, in 35mm, 120 & 4×5; From Kodak to Fujifilm to CineStill to Ilford and beyond. We also carry chemistry and darkroom equipment; everything you need to begin developing and printing your own film at home, if you want to!


This year saw the reissue of Ektachrome and TMax 3200 from Kodak. CineStill released their new CineStill 250 Bw Double X 35mm which works beautifully with their monobath.



Polaroid Originals One Step 2

Perhaps you want to slow down in your image creation process, but would still love that instant gratification of seeing what you created, fairly quickly. This is where you may consider adding an instant or hybrid camera to your collection.

In 2017 the Impossible Project, rebranded to Polaroid Originals, this included the release of an updated version of Polaroid’s One Step, now called the One Step 2. Since then there have been some technology updates, with the One Step 2 + which has the option to trigger via their bluetooth app. The Polaroid Originals One Step 2 is available in White or Graphite.

Polaroid Originals creates a variety of film stock, which works in older Polaroid cameras including 600 series, Spectras and SX-70’s; as well their newer i-Type cameras. The release the very well known white frame option, but do smaller batches of film that include fun frames. For summer they released “Ice Cream” and for the holiday season we have Red Metallic and Gold Metallic



Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


Another great option for Instant film fun would be the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9! Available in a variety of colors, these cameras are great for kids or adults. It’s a lot fun seeing these small prints pop out and develop, then sharing them with family and friends at parties.



Fujifilm SQ10

Bringing together digital technology and instant prints couldn’t be more fun!

The Fujifilm SQ10 is a hybrid camera, containing a small digital sensor, but creating instant prints. This camera provides the option to capture a multitude of images but print only the ones you want, or print multiple copies of your favorites on the newer Square Instax Film.

If you want the pure analogue experience with Fujifilm’s newer square format, also consider the Fujifilm SQ6, which is fully an instant camera.



Fujifilm SP3 Instax Share Printer


The Fujifilm SP3 Instax Share Printer is the newest in the line up of Instax Share Printers. This printer exports the newer Square format instant film from Fujifilm. You can print images from your smartphone, through their Instax Share app (available for iOS or Android), or you can print directly from select Fujifilm Cameras. This little printer is fabulous fun at parties, or travelling!



Join us for our Winter Sale Event December 14 – 15. 2018! We will have great in-store discounts, as well representatives from a multitude will be on hand at our store to help demonstrate gear and answer your questions, this holiday season.


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