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Film of the Month - April 2021

Film of the Month - April 2021

We are excited to announce a new way to share our love of film.

The joy of film is something that cannot always be explained, but there's something that resonates when we view images captured on film. From character of the grain or tones, each film stock available has an element that stands out.

Perhaps you love classic options like Fujifilm Velvia for vivid landscapes, or maybe you love to view the world in monochrome and go for Ilford HP5. In a booming digital age, it is so wonderful to take a moment to step back, slow down and dive into a process that has been around for more than 100 years.

Each month we are going to highlight a film stock, it may be roll film, it may be instant. We hope you will be inspired to try out this film stock, or share images that you've taken with it. As well there are opportunities to save on processing with Panda Labs & win prints and other goodies too.

Photo by Mo Herbert

APRIL Film Selection

This month's selection is LomoChrome Purple!

This unique film plays on colors and tones in a way no other film does. 

How can you participate?

Throughout the month we would love to encourage you to try new film and share results with us via social media. Our hopes are this provides some inspiration, as well introduces you to the broad spectrum of options on the market.

Share your best shots by using the following hashtags:





We will highlight as many of you as possible through the month, who tag us and use this film stock! Also share general film shots with #glazersanalogue.


One stand out image will be selected at the end of the month an 8X10 print of that image from Panda Lab in Seattle.


If you're in the Seattle area, head to Panda Lab in Queen Anne to get your film processed! Panda Lab will offer a 10% off promotion for those who mention this promo and are processing Purple Chrome film.

This is a great opportunity to try something new, and especially with spring, the LomoChrome Purple option is a ton of fun to play with!

From the Community

We reached out to a couple of folks in the community to highlight images they've created with this unique film stock, check them out below.

Jessica Fleenor | Panda Labs | LomoChrome Purple + Holga

Rich Spang | LomoChrome Purple + Nikon F4 | Double Exposure


Mo Herbert

Sara Stubblefield


We hope you'll enjoy exploring the variety of film options available today! We look forward to seeing what you capture. 

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