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We are open 7 days a week!

Street Candy 400 Black & White Negative - 35mm Film, 36 Exposures, Single Roll

SKU 68896
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Street Candy ATM 400 is a Panchromatic Black & White Negative Film.Originally coated for security surveillance cameras and intended to fight crime against humanity!

  • ISO 400 Black & White Film
  • High Contrast
  • Rich Grayscale Tonality
  • 36 Exposures
  • Hand Rolled

It was mostly used in banks, ATM, offices or any sensible locations, Street Candy has given it a new life so you can shoot it with your favorite 35mm camera.

ATM400 will give a beautiful contrast to your images while retaining rich details throughout its wide dynamic range. Being a 400 ISO film, it’s easy to shoot, forgiving and becoming to go-to B&W film of many film photographers. Comes in 36 exposures, hand-rolled in 135 film canister.

HIGHT CONTRAST - ATM400 delivers great contrast for punchy Black & White images. Perfect for Street Photography, all that without losing mid-tones details.

400 ISO - With a medium sensitivity, ATM400 will get you covered in most situations. Push up to +1 stop or more if you are up for extreme contrast!

BEAUTIFUL GRAIN - Soft and smooth grain structure for fine details. Great texture and skin tones

Glazer's SKU 68896
Manufacturer STREET CANDY