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Photographers' Formulary Sodium Sulfate - 10g

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Sodium Sulfate 10g
Sodium Sulfate 10g
Glazer's SKU 4968
Manufacturer Photographers' Formulary
MFG SKU 10-1320 10G
Product Specs
Synonyms Dried sodium sulfate
Sodium sulfate decahydrate
Disodium sulfate decahydrate
Glauber's salt
Vitriolated soda
Sulfuric acid, sodium salt, decahydrate
Sodium sulfate, 10-hydrate
Appearance White efflorescent crystals, powder, or granules.
Uses In non-swelling acid rinse baths for roll film
In tropical developers for use at high temperatures
Chemical Formula Na2SO4.10H2O
Notes Store in a tightly sealed bottle and store in a cool place.