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Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter

by Sekonic
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Sekonic C-7000 Spectromaster

The new SPECTROMASTER C-7000 is a portable handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial market and does not feature Cine/Photo functions, like Sekonic's C-700. Utilizing Sekonic's CMOS linear image sensor design, the C-7000 can measure every light source including LED, HMI, fluorescent, natural light and electronic flash with remarkable precision and data feedback.

The C-7000's large color touch screen displays not only Correlated Color Temperature and Illuminance but also Color Rending Index (CRI), Tristimulus Value, Chromaticity Coordinates for CIE1931/CIE1964 & CIE1976 standards, Peak Wavelength Excitation Purity and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPDF). The C-7000 conforms to requirements of "Illuminance meter class" for JIS C 1609-1: 2006 "Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments" Class A, and DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C.

Connecting the C-7000 to a Windows based PC enables making meter settings with the C-7000 Utility and printing out CSV format files of measurement data in 1 nanometer (nm) output wavelength increments from 380 to 780 nm as well as graphs of spectral distribution, CRI, and chromaticity diagrams for CIE 1931(1964) and CIE1976 color spaces. Chromaticity Diagrams are utilized widely in light manufacturing quality control as well as monitoring illumination of office, roadway, educational and public facilities to meet government lighting standards. New applications include indoor agricultural lighting and precision medical lighting.

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