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Announcing our Photo Lab, now available for film processing, scanning, and a whole new set of print services
Announcing our Photo Lab, now available for film processing, scanning, and a whole new set of print services

Savage #18 Evergreen Seamless Background Paper 53" x 36'

by Savage
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Savage Seamless Background Paper 

Savage #18 Evergreen Seamless Paper provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, videography, and much more. Just roll out what you need and trim the end when finished, to guarantee a fresh and sleek background with each use. Being a cost effective and versatile material, Savage Seamless Paper is not limited to just photographic use. Take your small and large-scale crafting, art and visual design projects to the next level with your next roll of seamless paper. Savage Seamless Paper is acid-free, lignin free and pH neutral.


53" x 36'


  • For Creating Smooth, Even Backgrounds
  • Professional Quality, Non-Reflective Dyed Paper
  • Acid- and Lignin-Free; pH Neutral
  • Paper Density: 145GSM
  • Core-Wound; 2.125" Interior Diameter
  • Wrapped in a Plastic Sleeve
  • Easy to Use; Just Unroll What You Need
  • Store Vertically in Dry Environment
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made In the USA 

Choosing the Right Width:

Selecting the right seamless paper size requires thoughtful consideration. Consider the nature of your typical photo shoots - do you primarily take head shots, photograph families, or both? Do you frequently shoot small or large products? Also, take into account the size of your studio - can it accommodate a 9-foot-wide backdrop roll, or do you work in a smaller space like a spare bedroom?

26″ Wide
Savage’s smallest seamless paper roll (26″ wide) is ideal for crafting, product photography and creative set design. With 65 colors and 36 feet of paper per roll, the creative uses are limitless! Starting at just $18.99 a roll, compiling a few bright colors are ideal for layering backgrounds, cutting out shapes, etc.

53″ Wide
The 53” wide seamless paper rolls are perfect for head shots, 3/4 body shots or for 2 people who are intimate such as in wedding or engagement photos. I’ve also used this length for capturing kids, infants, small pets, and small products. It’s compact, easy to transport and easy to set up.

For portraits, you’ll likely be using a fairly tight lens (in the range of about 50mm-200mm for a full-frame camera) to avoid perspective distortion. These focal lengths also work well for the 53” seamless paper as they avoid showing the sides of the roll as you zoom in. Of course you’ll need a certain distance (perhaps 6’-20’) in front of the backdrop to work with these focal lengths, so before buying make sure you have enough space in your studio or shooting area.

86″ Wide
This 86″ midsize width is ideal for portrait photographers working in smaller studio spaces who value greater versatility than a 53″ wide background, but are unable to accommodate as large as a 107″ wide backdrop. When working through a cake smash, toddler or pet photo session, unbridled movement and roaming from your energetic little models is not uncommon. Allowing yourself some extra room for your subject to move about while not worrying about how much background you’re going to have to edit in in Photoshop later can be a relief with this 7-foot wide roll. This size also fits nicely into most cars.

107″ Wide
At nine feet, the 107″ seamless paper is twice as wide as the shorter 53″ version, making for an impressively wide backdrop. At this size you’ll be able to easily capture full body shots, couples, small groups, larger products and pets, and situations that require movement. Some examples of the latter might include dancers, pets that won’t stay still, small groups or product shoots with motion. You will need a good deal of space in your studio, so take out your measuring tape and confirm that you have the room to hang it beforehand. 

140″ Wide
If you need to go even wider, the four colors that are available in 140″ wide rolls of Savage seamless paper will cover just about anything you can imagine. Large groups, large products, and models requiring plenty of movement can all be shot against this extra wide backdrop. 140″ Wide seamless paper is available in Black, Super White, Tech Green and Storm Gray.

In The Box:

Savage #18 Evergreen Seamless Background Paper 53" x 36'

Glazer's SKU 3130
Manufacturer Savage
MFG SKU 18-1253
Product Specs

Savage #18 Evergreen Seamless Background Paper 53" x 36' Specs

Thickness / Depth7.6 mil / 0.19 mm
Basis Weight145 gsm
Core Size2.13" / 5.41 cm

Packing Info

Package Weight7 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)55 x 4 x 4"