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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!

Westcott Rapid Box Switch Strip Softbox 1 x 2

SKU 44034
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Rapid Box Switch 1x2

A Perfect Edge Light, Rim Light, or Hair Light
Because of their long and narrow profiles, our Rapid Box Switch strip softboxes offer precise control over your light source. They’re ideal for hair, rim, or edge lights and are perfectly paired with optional egg crate grids.

The Softbox That Changes With You
The Rapid Box Switch is designed for use with the most popular strobes, speedlites, and monolights. With 13 interchangeable light mount inserts and 9 collapsible light modifiers, this is the premier softbox series that Switches with you.

1. Choose your Switch modifier
9 unique sizes and shapes with new 1x4, 2x3, and 3x4 options

2. Choose your Switch Insert
13 quick-release interchangeable light mount options

Designed for Portability
Constructed with solid aluminum umbrella-inspired framework, the design of the Rapid Box Switch maximizes durability, minimizes weight, eliminates the need for separate support rods, and makes setup a breeze. Everything is simple, quick, and compact. After your shoot, the Rapid Box Switch breaks down instantly into a sleek carry case for travel and storage.

An Ingenious Light Modifier
Pairing durable fabrics with a quick-collapse frame, our Rapid Box Switch softboxes offer the professional light modification that you’re looking for without the tedious setup.

Premium Diffusion Fabric
Our diffusion panels are constructed with an all-natural, unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion fabrics, these diffusers will soften your light source without altering its color temperature.

The Must-Have Accessory
The optional Deflector Plate minimizes hot spots and creates a stunning beauty-style light output. These plates are easy to use with all Rapid Box softboxes.

Rear-Mounted Lights
We purposely designed the Rapid Box Switch with an external mount. By keeping your speedlight or strobe outside of the softbox, you can quickly access controls and utilize the line-of-sight (or optical wireless) functionality. Of course, radio triggers can be used as well.

Heavy-Duty Mounts for the Most Popular Lights
Switch Inserts attach your light source to any Rapid Box Switch light modifier in an instant. This durable all-metal adapter slides quickly into the rear tabs of your Rapid Box Switch and secures in place with the thumb-lock.

- Convenient and collapsible strip light modifier with the fastest setup time
- Easily switch different types of lights in seconds
- Requires a Switch Insert to mount a compatible light source
- Quick-release thumb-lock ensures the security of your light
- Durable metal framework and heat-resistant fabrics for dependability
- Neutral diffusion fabric provides consistent color temperature
- Taut silver interior maximizes light output
- Largest selection of quick building light modifiers in the industry

Glazer's SKU 44034
Manufacturer Westcott
Product Specs

Westcott Switch Strip 1x2 Specs

Shape Rectangular
Interior Silver
Requires Speed Ring Yes, Not Included
Accepts Grids Yes
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle No
Light Loss None
Rectangular Dimensions W: 23.8 x H: 10.0 x D: 9.2" / W: 60.3 x H: 25.4 x D: 23.5 cm (Open)
Weight 0.85 lb / 0.39 kg