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Photographers' Formulary Potassium Bromide, 100 grams

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Photographers' Formulary Potassium Bromide, 100 grams is commonly used as a restrainer in developers, especially those containing hydroquinone, pyrocatechin, or pyrogallol, and helps to prevent fog during development. When used in paper developers, it also reduces contrast and provides a warming effect. Additionally, potassium bromide is used as an ingredient in intensifying and reducing toners, as well as a variety of other photographic solutions.

  • Helps to Prevent Fog During Development
  • Commonly Used as a Restrainer
  • Reduces Contrast, Provides a Warm Tone
  • Potassium bromide is the most commonly used restrainer in developing formulas, especially those using hydroquinone, pyrocatechin, or pyrogallol. The addition of potassium bromide usually results in a reduction of contrast and can have a warming effect on image tone when used in paper developers
Technical Specs:
Synonyms: Bromide, Bromide of potash, Bromide of potassium, Bromide salt of potassium
Appearance: White, deliquescent, granular powder, odorless
Uses: Fog preventer and restrainer in developing solutions. Ingredient in intensifying, reducing, toning, and many other photographic solutions
Chemical Formula: KBr
Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Glazer's SKU 40586
Manufacturer Photographers' Formulary
MFG SKU 10-0930 100G