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Wimberley P-5 Camera Body Plate

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Universal Design
-Fits virtually any SLR, as well as many point-and-shoot cameras
-No need to buy a new plate each time you upgrade your gear.
-Easily move from camera to camera or share plates between multiple cameras.

Rock-Solid Connection - We specifically designed the P-5 to provide a solid, twist-free connection to your camera body.

The P-5 features a thin layer of dense, textured rubber on its top surface. This coating grips the bottom of your camera, but is so dense and thin that it maintains the solid feel of a metal-to-camera connection. Beneath the rubber, the top surface of the plate is machined to ensure that the frictional force is concentrated on the outer portions of the plate. This provides the maximum mechanical advantage to resist twisting.
Glazer's SKU 64204
Manufacturer WIMBERLEY