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Hoya 82mm Variable Neutral Density II Filter

by Hoya
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The new design of the Hoya Variable Neutral Density II minimizes the vignette effect often experienced when shooting on wide-angle lenses. Hoya engineers reconstructed the Variable Density frame, minimized the overall thickness and created a top frame that is one full size bigger than the original Variable Neutral Density Filter.

Variable Neutral Density filters are helpful because:

  • They save you money; buy 1 filter instead of a set of 3-4
  • They save time; simply rotate the filter rather than switch it out
  • They save space; one filter takes up less room in the bag

The Hoya Variable Neutral Density II Filter can be used in place of several fixed Neutral Density filters. The design of variable density filters allows you to rotate an outer frame to set the desired density the same way as a circular polarizer. A cross X pattern will occur when rotating past the minimum or maximum density range of the filter.


  • Thin frame design minimizes vignetting
  • Dedicated knob for easy, precise rotation
  • Density guide markers on frame to show density range
  • Shoot wide open (f1.2) in daylight without overexposure
  • Create smooth motion effects in waterfalls, rivers, waves
  • Create motion blur of moving vehicles, trains, cars and people
  • Accepts 86mm lens caps

In The Box:
Hoya 82mm Variable Neutral Density II Filter
Plastic Filter Case

Note: The frame construction of the Variable Density II requires taking a lens cap that is one size bigger than the filter threads of your lens. For example, a 82mm filter would require an 86mm lens cap.

Glazer's SKU 95517
Manufacturer Hoya
Product Specs

Variable Neutral Density II Filter Specs:

Density RangeND3-ND400 / 1.5 stops - 9 stops
Glass TypeHoya Optical
Light TransmissionVariable
Number of Multi-Coatings:0
Hardened Top Layer:No
Frame Construction:Standard Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads:Yes