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Hasselblad XCD 38mm f/2.5 Lens

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Equivalent to a full-frame 30mm focal length, the XCD 2.5/38V low-distortion wide-angle lens is suitable for shooting documentary, street, or landscape photography. Include more environmental details when shooting in portrait or have the soft bokeh effect from the large f/2.5 aperture highlight the subject against the background. When using the XCD 2.5/38V lens, the narrow aperture and leaf shutter blades can create Hasselblad's hallmark eight-point starburst effect on bright light sources. The minimum focusing distance of XCD 2.5/38V is only 30cm, perfect for capturing cuisine, products, and other still subjects. With its compact optical design, small and lightweight focusing module, and optimized leaf shutter, XCD 2.5/38V weighs only 0.77 lbs but delivers top-class optical performance.

Precision Optics, Outstanding Imagery
Capturing the most subtle nuances of light and shadow begins with the lens. Only with excellent resolution and color reproduction can it provide a solid foundation for imaging. A medium format sensor has a large area and a high pixel density, posing stringent requirements for the precision of the lens. Starting with the selection of high-quality glass, Hasselblad engineers carefully grind each lens to perfect its optical quality and meet the resolution requirements of 100 million pixels.

The XCD 2.5/38V lens features ten elements in nine groups, including three aspherical elements and three ED elements. With a thoughtfully crafted arrangement, the lens has not only a compact size but also improves light transmittance and suppresses chromatic dispersion. Combining XCD 2.5/38V with a Hasselblad mirrorless medium format camera yields stunning results.

New Focusing Module: Fast, Light, Accurate
The upgraded focusing module adopts a linear stepping motor and a lighter, smaller focusing lens group. These changes effectively eliminate any backlash from the lens group moving and, coupled with the PDAF technology of the X2D 100C, mean the focusing lens group can quickly reach the focusing position and achieve a precise stop. Resulting in fast, flexible, and accurate focusing.

Smaller Leaf Shutter, Powerful and Professional Assistance
The leaf shutter is a powerful component in Hasselblad's medium format system. The XCD 2.5/38V lens is equipped with an upgraded leaf shutter that, while smaller, maintains the same precision performance as its predecessors and is fast and quiet to avoid disturbance when shooting. In addition, this ultra-small shutter captures at up to 1/2000s and delivers flash synchronization at all speeds.

A Familiar Yet New Industrial Aesthetic
XCD 2.5/38V is a precision-crafted metal lens with a focus ring and a newly added control ring. Both rings are delicately engraved with a Hasselblad "H" logo print. The design is created using a precise 0.3mm drill bit and is a nod to the memorable look of the HC/HCD lenses. Whether paired with X-system or 907X cameras, this new lens is both a homage to the past while standing on its own as a unique, elegant statement.

Convenient and Intuitive Control
The lens is designed to feel comfortable and intuitive in hand to fully support and not distract from the creative process. The tactile mechanics of the focus and control rings are fine-tuned for a smooth and satisfying experience. A simple push and pull of the focus ring changes from AF to MF mode, where intuitive scale marks keep focus distance and DOF clear at a glance. The control ring can be customized for quick access to preferred functions, making shooting more convenient and efficient.

Glazer's SKU 85194
Manufacturer Hasselblad
MFG SKU CPHB0000071901
Product Specs
Focal length 38 mm
Equivalent Focal length (24x36) 30 mm
Aperture range 2,5 - 32
Angle of view diag/hor/vert 70°/59°/46°
Length/diameter 68/76 mm
Length (from camera lens mount flange) 63 mm
Weight (excl. covers and lens shade) 350 g
Filter diameter 72 mm


Close Focus Range Data


Minimum distance object to image plane 0,30 m
Maximum image scale 1:6,2
Corresponding area of coverage 27 x 20 cm
Corresponding exposure reduction 0 f-stops


Lens Design10 elements in 9 groups
3 aspherical elements
Focust TypeInternal focusing
Entrance Pupil Position65 mm in front of image plane

The entrance pupil position is the correct
position of the axis of rotation when making
a panorama image by combining individual
images of a scene.
MTFModulation Transfer as a function of image
height at infinity setting.

Sagittal slit orientation drawn with continuous
line and tangential with dashed. White light.
Spatial frequencies 10, 20 and 40 lp/mm.
Relative IlluminationInfinity setting.

When images are imported to Phocus, light
fall-off is automatically removed.
DistortionInfinity setting.

When images are imported to Phocus,
distortion is automatically removed.