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Ecopro Neutral Fixer 32 Oz

SKU 58288
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Ecopro Neutral Fixer 32 Oz
Ecopro Neutral Fixer 32 Oz
eco•pro Neutral Fixer is a virtually odorless, non-hardening rapid fixer ideal for use with b&w film and paper. This all-purpose fixer is designed to expedite fixing and washing speed, whilst maximizing image quality and permanence. Fiber based prints can be washed to the highest standard with less washing time than other fixers, significantly reducing water wastage. pH is buffered at about 7 when mixed fresh, and is designed to resist acid stop solution carryover. Suitable for use with all b&w materials, including pyro and staining-type developers.
Dilute 1+4 for optimal fixing and washing time. For RC prints, 1+7 dilution may be used with extended fixing time.
Glazer's SKU 58288
Manufacturer LEGACYPRO
MFG SKU 1231289