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LEE Filters 100x100mm Circular Effect Polarizer

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100mm Square Polarizer – Circular Effect

Ideal polarizer for autofocus SLR cameras. Slots into the Filter Holder which is then rotated. Recommended for studio use or when no graduated filters are required. Reduces exposure up to 1⅔ stops.

    This Polarizer slots into the LEE100 Holder, and will then be rotated along with any other filters. However, you do have a choice of two axes of polarization by simply turning the filter through 90 degrees. 

    The LEE Filters – 100 x 100mm Square Glass Polarizer Filters (Circular) are high quality glass filters manage the waveforms of light travelling to the camera from most reflective surfaces. Glare and reflected light can be altered by rotation of the polarizing filter. The effect can be seen through the lens of the reflex cameras as the filter is rotated. When used outside on sunny days, polarizing filters have the effect of saturating colours and deepening blue skies. They can also be used in conjunction with other filters (although the polarizer should always be placed in front of polyester filters to ensure it functions correctly).

    LEE Polarizing filters are available in two types, linear and circular. This is not referring to the physical shape of the filter but to the way the filter changes the light waves thereby achieving the polarizing effect. The type of polarizer required (linear or circular) depends entirely on the type of camera the photographer is using. Modern reflex cameras with autofocus or complex metering systems, if used with a polarizer, will only function correctly when a circular polarizer is used. Manual focus cameras of all types can normally be used with either a linear or a circular type. Both linear and circular polarizers are available from Lee Filters. 100mm square polarizers are to be used in the filter holder, the entire holder is then rotated to achieve the correct effect. Recommended for studio use or for when only the polarizer and, possibly, standard filters are to be used.

    LEE offer an incredible array of professional quality technical and effect colors, providing photographers and videographers the ultimate in creative control. This Enhancer filter is made of glass. All LEE filters are manufactured with the highest quality, optically pure base materials, and must comply with LEE Filters’ strict quality control standards.


    • Glass Polarizer (Circular)
    • 100mm x 100mm size
    • Made of 2mm thick Glass
    • Pro optical quality Glass filters
    Glazer's SKU 20875
    Manufacturer LEE Filters
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