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Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2

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Introducing the Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2: The perfect tool for scanning strips or full rolls of 35mm film quickly, easily, and affordably whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the studio!

Our Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 is a revolutionary update to our Basic Film Carrier 35 that will reshape the landscape of 35mm film scanning. Using shared parts and processes from our Pro Film Carrier 35, this all-new Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 offers superior film flatness to its predecessor and is capable of scanning all 35mm film formats including half frame, full frame (standard 35mm), and panoramic sizes in a single capture.

Everybody loves 35mm film thanks to its ease and access, and the ability to quickly and genuinely capture life’s moments. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a casual walk around your neighborhood, or photographing a holiday event, 35mm film is perfect for these and more. Our Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 extends that ease and access, allowing you to easily scan and share your photographs with friends and loved ones.

Utilizing a digital camera (DSLR, mirrorless, etc.) to capture your scans, most Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 owners can utilize a digital camera they already own. Many modern digital cameras, from entry level to professional, will allow you to make beautiful film scans with this device.

Keeping your film perfectly flat with our improved double S curve channels in our film scanning cassettes, the Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 allows you to scan a full length roll of film in as fast as two minutes (and also works well with cut strips of 35mm film). Building off the wide ecosystem of Negative Supply film scanning tools, this device is the perfect starting point for photographers of all skill levels.

Key Features

  • Scan cut strips or uncut rolls of 35mm film
  • Scan full rolls in 2 minutes or less
  • Keeps film perfectly flat for sharp scans thanks to our improved double S curve channels in our film scanning cassettes
  • Great starting point for your Negative Supply system
  • Works well with our Basic Riser series of copy stands and 4x5 Light Source Basic or Light Source Mini
  • Scan the borders/sprockets of your film with our 35mm Full Border Scanning Cassette
  • Scans 35mm half frame up to panoramic frames in a single capture with included custom masks for each format
  • 110, 126 and APS Film Scanning Cassette options available at launch to make this tool multifunctional
  • Compatible with our various Light Sources with our Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2 Stabilizing Mask (4x5 Light Source Basic, Light Source Mini)
  • Tighter, flatter and smoother film advancement less prone to “drift” thanks to our unique film cassette design
  • Included 35mm Film Scanning Hood adapter facilities the easy addition of our loved film scanning hood to your workflow (hood sold separately)

6.4 x 2.6 x 1.6

Glazer's SKU 99198
Manufacturer Negative Supply