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B+W 72mm #806 MASTER Neutral Density 1.8 6-Stop MRC Nano Filter

by B+W
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The B+W 72mm #806 MASTER Neutral Density 1.8 6-Stop MRC Nano Filter reduces light entering the camera by six f-stops. With this filter, and without changing the aperture (and DOF), an exposure time of 1/60 s becomes a full second. Running water is rendered hazy and soft. A tripod is necessary in any case.

MRC Nano coated glass is used as the basis for the new Master filter line. This guarantees the necessary optical quality and also does not have any adverse effect on a correspondingly high-quality lens. The MRC Nano coating contains a multi-layer anti-reflective component with 7 layers per filter side to prevent annoying reflections. An outer layer with the usual dirt- and water-repellent properties is applied as the final layer. This not only provides all-around protection for the filter, but also makes it easy to clean and maintain the filter pane. The light attenuation itself is very uniform over the entire visible range and produces optimally color-neutral image results.

  • Reducing the amount of light entering the camera
  • Suitable for both analog and digital cameras
  • Selective sharpness by achieving larger apertures – ideal for portraiture
  • Long exposures producing a cotton candy effect on moving water and deserted streets void of people and cars
  • Wipe effects, continuous light trails
  • Made in Germany
Glazer's SKU 84005
Manufacturer B+W
MFG SKU 66-1101581