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Arista EDU Ultra FB VC Glossy Paper, 8x10" - 25 Sheets

by Arista
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Arista EDU Ultra FB VC Glossy Paper is a variable contrast, black and white enlarging paper with a double weight, fiber base. The use of yellow and magenta colored filters permits selection of the desired contrast from a range of grades similar to that of graded papers. Arista.EDU Ultra FB VC is available in Glossy & Semi-Matte surfaces.


  • Traditional Black and White Paper
  • Variable Contrast (VC)
  • Fiber Base
  • Develop in standard black and white chemicals
  • Compatible with Kodak, Varycon and Ilford filters
  • Contrast: Variable
  • Glossy Finish
  • 8" x 10"
  • 25 Sheets

Contrast Control
Contrast may be adjusted from grade 0 through grade 5 by using standard Ilford Multigrade or Kodak Polymax/Polycontrast filters. An enlarger color head may also be used by adjusting the amount of magenta or yellow filters.

Exposure Guide
Arista.EDU Ultra FB VC is designed for use with tungsten or tungsten quartz halogen light sources. Other light sources may give different contrast values. Exposure of the paper is straight forward, depending on which filter system is in use. For Ilford Multigrade filters, grades 00 - 3.5 have the same speed rating (ISO P200), grades 4 through 5 require approximately twice the exposure.

Handling & Safelights
Open only in a photographic darkroom illuminated by standard OC, red or sodium vapor safelights such as Thomas brand safelights. OC or Red safelights should contain maximum 15 watt bulbs or equivalent. Make sure that safelights are at least 3 feet from the paper at all times and good working practice of keeping exposure to safelights at a minimum should be adopted. If safelight fog occurs dim your safelights or move them farther from the paper.

Arista.EDU Ultra VC RC can be processed in either trays or processing machines approved for photographic papers on a baryta base. While the paper does contain developing agent, activation/stabilization processing cannot be used.

Arista.EDU Ultra VC RC can be processed in any standard black and white photographic paper developer. Generally development of 90 - 120 seconds at 68 Degree F/20 Degree C should be required. The developer manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.

Stop Bath & Fixing
To stop development immediately and to extend fixer life, use a standard stop bath for a minimum of 20-30 seconds at a temperature between 65 Degree -75 Degree F (18 Degree -24 Degree C). Plain water may be used as a stop bath if changed frequently to prevent developer build up in bath. Fixing can be done in a standard fixing solution. Generally a 3-5 minute fix time at 68 Degree F/20 Degree C should be sufficient.

Fixed prints should be washed in running water for 35-45 minutes. A standard hypo clearing agent or hypo eliminator should be used to shorten wash time and save water.

Store in a cool dry place for best preservation. For prolonged storage a freezer can be used. In either case, allow sufficient time for warming up and do not allow condensation to form on the paper. Keep out of reach of harmful vapors & gases. Unused paper should be returned to its original packaging for storage.

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25x Arista EDU Ultra FB VC Glossy Paper, 8x10" 

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