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Adox Adotech Developer - 100ml

by Adox
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Adox Adotech Developer

Designed for use with Adox CMS II black & white negative films, this 100ml bottle of Adotech CMS IV is a liquid concentrate film developer that improves upon previous iterations of Adotech CMS by providing greater shadow detail and tonal separations for more pictorial and longer-scale results.

By using this special Adotech Developer, CMS II films can retain truer film speed and be exposed between EI 20-25 in order to achieve perfect halftones, and the developer also helps to avoid streaking for consistent results. The concentrate should be diluted 1:14 in order to create 1L of working solution, which then has a shelf life of approximately four weeks. This developer is intended solely for CMS II films, and is not meant for use with older versions of CMS 20 film.

Using Adotech you can expect:

  • 20 ASA in pictorial measurement and close to 16 ASA in DIN measurement.
  • Detailed shadows
  • A usable “straight” curve


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