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Hoya 82mm ProND EX 8 Neutral Density 0.9 3-Stop Filter

by Hoya
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The Hoya 82mm ProND EX 8 Neutral Density 0.9 3-Stop Filter is a neutral density filter that reduces the light to an equivalent of 3 f-stops. Neutral density filters are important for filmmakers and photographers because they allow you to precisely control the amount of light passing through the lens for greater creative control over exposure. For photographers, it means you can use longer exposures, reduce depth of field in very bright light or use a wider aperture. For filmmakers, it helps set shutter speeds to match the frame-rate while maintaining the depth-of-field of the footage.

Thanks to Hoya's ACCU-ND technology, the image undergoes no negative affect from color shift that may occur due to low-quality materials, poor manufacturing QC, or issues with leaking of the infrared band of the light spectrum. ACCU-ND technology achieves equal reduction of the light in visible and IR spectrums so that you don't experience color shift when shooting in different outdoor conditions. 

Hoya's clear optical glass is mounted into a lightweight, precisely crafted aluminum frame. The frame has front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or a lens cap.

  • ACCU-ND Technology - no color shift
  • No infrared light leaks
  • Create motion blur with moving objects
  • For still and video

Technical Specs:
Series: PROND EX
Filter Type: ND
Filter Factor: 8
Transmittance EV correction: 3-stops
Circular Size: 82 mm Filter Thread
Frame Material: Aluminum
Glazer's SKU 82700
Manufacturer Hoya