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Negative Supply 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 - 97 CRI

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An updated to one of our all-time best selling products, the 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 is an evolution in every way for film scanning. Read below for more details!

The Negative Supply 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 is the next of the second generation light sources from Negative Supply meant to replace the original 4x5 Light Source Basic. Designed with 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film in mind, the 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 is created for all users in mind that need a solid, reliable light source with a high degree of color accuracy over long periods of time. As with our other light sources, the 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 is also capable of taking our various adapter plates for film carriers to be used directly on the light source. You can also use our Pro Mount MK2 if you to mask off light from below, have leveling capabilities and an anti-static dust brush.

With learns from recent releases, this light source comes with a custom designed and in-house finished internal acrylic that drastically increases brightness, improves CRI rating, and boasts perfect light uniformity for up to 4x5 sheet film. Negative Supply also developed new manufacturing methods that allow for a smaller light source that will still dissipate heat during long scanning sessions while also allowing us to decrease cost and pass the savings along to you!

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about how CRI and TCLI should be used to compare light sources for film scanning purposes. We’ll break it down for you!

CRI is a metric used to tell us how a light source renders color based on human perception. What this does not tell us is how this light will render on film or in our case, a digital camera. The TCLI value will give us a more complete view of color accuracy and more directly relates to film scanning.

CRI is often the metric given when comparing light sources in our industry, though TCLI is perhaps more critical.

The TLCI value is averaged from the 24 colors from the MacBeth Color Checker Chart with the maximum value of 100 being the best. Light sources that score a 90 or higher are often seen as high quality light sources that will cut down on post production time.

After extensive testing Negative Supply determined the following:

4x5 Light Source Basic MK1 99 CRI: Scored a 98.3 for TCLI and 99.0 CRI

4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 97 CRI: Scored a 98.0 for TCLI and 97.0 CRI

This shows that the new 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 - 97 CRI is nearly as color accurate as the previous 99 CRI model at a much lower price and significantly brighter.


  • Over 2x stops brighter than previous model

  • Improved carbon composite construction for rigidity

  • Illuminates an image area large enough for all formats up to 4x5 sheet film

  • 97 CRI and 99 CRI bulb options guaranteeing high color accuracy

  • Custom in-house designed and in-house finished acrylic that increases brightness, CRI rating, and improves light uniformity

  • Ideal for users of any skill level from beginner to advanced user

  • Backwards compatible with all Negative Supply accessories for 4x5 Light Source Basic

  • More even Illumination guarantees no falloff when scanning 4x5 film


  • 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 - 97 CRI

  • International AC power supply with domestic and international power adapters

  • Instructions

  • Optional: In-line power switch which adds a quick on and off button to the Light Source Basic MK2

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Manufacturer Negative Supply