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Benro Polaris Smart Electric Tripod Head - 2-Axis WiFi Timelapse Edition

by Benro
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The Benro Polaris Smart Electric Tripod Head - 2-Axis WiFi Timelapse Edition is an innovative smart tripod head for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. It’s been designed and built to be compact, portable, and quick to set up. With Polaris, you can remotely control the shooting angle, and preview your shot on your mobile device through a WiFi or cellular network, giving you great flexibility regardless of the distance.

With the dedicated app, you can shoot with various programmable functions like  timelapse, panorama, sunrise and sunset, focus stacking etc., making the complex image creation more accurate, simple and efficient.

  • Smart camera tripod head
  • Wireless control
  • Timelapse
  • Panorama
  • File synchronize
  • 7Kg payload
  • Sunrise and Sunset
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Focus Stacking
  • Live preview
  • Pedestrian removal
  • One year warranty
Remote Control
Break the shackles of space, and you don't have to wait by the camera all then time.
Polaris has a built-in wireless module (WiFi or cellular network). The photographer can make a remote connection through the mobile phone and call various functions of Polaris. Through the data cable connection between Polaris and the camera, users can also control the camera on their mobile phones, preview wirelessly, set ISO, aperture, shutter and other shooting parameters, and take photos or record videos remotely.

Static lapse and dynamic lapse. In the dynamic lapse mode, the photographer only needs to set the key point of the moving path, shooting intervals and camera parameters, and Polaris will do the rest.

Auto Panorama
After setting the composition position and relevant parameters of the camera and lens, Polaris will automatically calculate the rotation angle and the number of photos taken each time, automatically rotate the gimbal and take photos, and finally stitching the photos inside to generate the panoramic photo. The auto panorama function can significantly accelerate the planning efficiency and accuracy, and help photographers efficiently complete the process of panoramic photos.

Sunrise & Sunset
Sunrise and sunset are fleeting, and the preparation time for photographers before shooting is often very tight. In the Polaris app, you can simulate the moving track of the sun, predict the sun's positions that are visually displayed on the phone's screen to help photographers compose pictures in advance. The azimuth angle and time information will be automatically sent to the Polaris. When the sun moves to that position, Polaris will start to control the camera to take pictures automatically.

Focus Stacking
For lenses with auto focus function, Polaris can drive the camera to take continuous photos with different focus points, and then automatically synthesize photos with clear focus of the whole scene, or take photos first and then select the focus.

Pedestrians Removal
It is difficult for photographers to take a clean picture of the scene because of the pedestrians or moving vehicles in the scene Polaris' pedestrian removal function can automatically remove unwanted moving objects or pedestrians in the picture and generate a clean photo.

  • Botton Socket (3/8" screw hole, dovetail slot) The tripod screw can be transferred or clamped into the dovetail groove
  • Multi-function Control Port Preserved for more external devices in the future
  • Aluminum Body The shell is made of high-quality aviation aluminum, which is lightweight and durable without fear of outdoor harsh environment.
  • Hand Knob Used to slightly adjust the angle manually.
  • 7KG Payload Capable of carrying a variety of professional cameras and lenses. As steady as a mountain with a Benro tripod.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Just shoot whenever you want, despite of wind and rain
  • High Accuracy Reduction Gears Set Extreme angle control precision, small body, large torque
  • Long Duration 2500mAh Li-ion Battery. It supports external power supply, allowing you to spend long nights with it.


Basic Info:

Name Polaris
Model BR203
Weight 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs
Storage Direction   Dimension
Max. Load
Pitch Mechanical Range
80°: -80°
Pan Mechanical Range
Max. Rotation Speed
Angle Accuracy
Torsion 70KG f*cm
Warranty 1 Year

Data Interface:

Camera Control Interface
HDMI Interface
Shutter Interface
2.5 mm
Camera Status Interface
2.5 mm
Multifunctional Expansion Interface
Type-C (Astro Kit Dedicated Interface)

Network Support:

SIM Card
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Wi-Fi 2.4G, 5G

Battery Info:

11.1V 2500mAh
Type Li-ion
Charging Time
2.5 hours (under 9V/2A charging condition)
Support Charging Voltage 5V, 9V
Supports Charging Protocols PD 3.0/Type-C V1.4
Charging Port Type-C



SD Card
micro SD (Max. Capacity is 1 TB)
Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel, PC, POM
Tripod Socket
"3/8'' Screw-in (1/4"" screw-in adapter included), Quick-Release Interface"
Camera Installation Method
Quick-Release Plate


1x Benro Polaris Smart Electric Tripod Head WiFi Version
1x Quick-release Plate
1x Type-C to Type-C Camera Control Cable
1x Type-C to Micro-USB Camera Control Cable
1x Type-C to mini USB Camera Control Cable
1x 3/8'' to 1/4'' Tripod Screw Adapter
1x Type-C Charging Cable
1x Storage Bag
1x User Manual

*Please Note: Polaris does not come with a memory card (microSD) or HDMI Cable.

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Manufacturer Benro