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Tiffen 4 x 5.65" Glimmerglass - 1/8 Filter

by Tiffen
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The Tiffen 4 X 5.65" Glimmerglass Filter is a line of diffusion filters that produces a soft clean halation around practical and specular light sources, while keeping an apparent sharpness on the overall image. On close ups, the apparent sharpness and fine detail is kept as the effect of the filter lowers contrast while softly rolling into the shadow area. This low contrast affect moderately mutes bright colors. This makes the lower end of the glimmer glass diffusion line produce a non-destructive or invasive look.

Even at heavier densities, the filter never becomes overly powerful in its spread of halation. The Glimmerglass series of filters also has a benefit of sparkling when viewed, which can add reassurance to your talent when shooting beauty; that way you can fully concentrate on the look of your shot.


  • Creates Glowing Highlights
  • Softens Skin Details
  • Sparkle Appearance for Added Confidence
  • ColorCore® Glass Technology

Tiffen Glimmerglass Diffusion from The Tiffen Company on Vimeo.

Glazer's SKU 44731
Manufacturer Tiffen
MFG SKU 4565GG18
Product Specs

Tiffen 4565GG18 Specs

Filter Factor/Density 0.18 (0.6 Stop)
Type Soft Focus
Rectangular Size 4 x 5.65" / 101.6 x 143.5 mm
Filter Material Glass