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MagMod MagSnoot 2

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The MagSnoot 2 is a versatile flash modifier that quickly collapses into 4 different stages to give you 4 unique beam patterns for precise control over your light — delivering never-before-seen versatility from such a simple design thanks to its singular molded rubber construction that is compact, flexible, and highly durable.

Ideal as a hair light or highlight, the MagSnoot 2 funnels the light of your flash into a focused beam. Its unique, collapsible design delivers incredible control with unheard of simplicity. Product, commercial, and portrait photographers rejoice.

Want even more control? Combine the MagSnoot 2 with MagMod Pro Gels to modify the temperature, hue, or density of your light.

Made from a solid piece of silicone rubber, the MagSnoot is strong but flexible. It literally squishes into tight spaces, but pops back open in under a second when you’re ready to use it. Expand or collapse the MagSnoot 2 through 4 different stages to form your beam of light in 4 different ways quickly and easily. 


  • 5-In-One-Light Control - Collapsible design delivers precise control with 40°, 20°, 15° and 12° beam patterns making it easy to put light precisely where you want it. The more you extend it the tighter your beam of light becomes.

  • Magnetic Modular Design - Easily modify your flash’s color temperature by combining the MagSnoot 2 with one of MagMod's Pro Gels to transform the flash into colorful hues with the Correction, Creative and Artistic Pro Gels. MagMod’s patented modular design means you can combine multiple modifiers for custom light control.

  • Attaches Securely to Your Flash- MagSnoot 2 has strong neodymium rare-earth magnets which makes it super easy to pop on your flash with a MagGrip 2 (sold separately). No matter how you move your Speedlight, the MagSnoot 2 will stay in place.

  • Saves Space in Your Bag - The collapsible MagSnoot 2 is made with durable but flexible silicone rubber. You can squeeze the MagSnoot 2 into a small corner of your backpack and pops back to its original shape when it's time to use.

  • Easy to Use - Simple, beautiful design that has no straps, bands or accessories that can get lost or fail over time.

  • Round-Head Flash Optimized - The MagSnoot 2 is part of an entire redesign to reduce size, decrease weight, increase magnetic strength and be better optimized for new round-head flash designs.

Designed for use with all MagMod modifiers. Requires a MagGrip or MagGrip 2 (sold separately) to be used on a compatible flash.

Glazer's SKU 79018
Manufacturer MAGMOD