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Negative Supply Basic Riser MK3

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The direct replacement for the Basic Riser MK2, Basic Riser MK3 offers added height, rigidity, and a more solid baseboard to work with a wider range of camera/lens combinations and to provide a more stable, rigid workflow. Pro features, basic price.

There’s nothing Basic about the Basic Riser MK3 a Copy Stand for Film Scanning. Designed to support nearly all popular camera and macro lens combinations, the Basic Riser MK3 is a capable copy stand for nearly any user. With a maximum riser height of 23in, the Basic Riser MK3 is capable of scanning 4x5 with up to ~70mm full frame equivalent focal lengths, 120 film with over 100mm full frame equivalent focal lengths and 35mm film with nearly any macro lens.

It’s designed to support systems from large DSLRs (ungripped) such as the Canon 5D series or Nikon D850, large mirrorless cameras such as the Leica SL and Panasonic S1 series, and obviously works great with systems that are even smaller such as the Fujifilm and Sony mirrorless systems. It will even support most digital medium format systems!

The head is similar to what you’ll find on the Pro Riser MK3 with a secure mounting system that uses a t-handle to snug the camera down. There is a window on the side of the head that gives easy access to the 1/4-20 mounting point and a locking screw on the back of the head to keep it at the height you set. The central column is silver anodized and quickly attaches to the black powder coated, solid steel base with stainless steel hardware. All that to say that the Basic Riser MK3 is anything but “basic.”

Hand-built by the Negative Supply team of craftspeople in California, this device is based on the proven design of our Pro Riser MK3 and as such works to ensures a robust and rewarding film scanning workflow.


  • 23 inch maximum camera height
  • 11.25 x 11.25 inch black powder coated solid steel baseboard for added rigidity over previous generation aluminum baseboards
  • Scan 35mm or 120 film with nearly any macro lens and 4x5 film with up to ~70mm full frame equivalent macro lenses
  • Anodized metal central column and hybrid carbon fiber composite and aluminum head design
  • Nylon and carbon fiber reinforced head design for smooth camera rise and fall
  • Bolt on rubber feet for better grip and dampening
  • Improved head design with integrated 1/4-20 camera mounting point and window for camera mounting borrowed from Pro Riser MK3
  • Identical central aluminum column from Pro Riser MK3 for extra strength
  • Supports nearly any ungripped mirrorless or DSLR camera and mirrorless medium format systems
  • If you need a copy stand to support gripped bodies, the Basic Riser XL is more ideal with a longer baseboard

11.25 x 11.25 x 23.5 inch (max riser height - 23 inch)

Glazer's SKU 99177
Manufacturer Negative Supply