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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!

SmallRig Screw Set for Camera Accessories AAK2326

SKU 84731
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The SmallRig Screw Set for Camera Accessories AAK2326 is designed for camera cages, handles, plates and other camera-related accessories. The box includes six types of screw, 26 screws in total: 2 x 1/4” slotted screw, 8 x 1/4” socket cap screw, 2 x 3/8” slotted screw, 4 x M2 phillips screw, 2 x M2.5 socket cap screw, 4 x M3 phillips screw, 4 x M4 socket cap screw and a box for storage. For example, the m2.5 screw can be used for selected camera cage which locked with m2.5 screw on the side. The m3 and m4 screw can be used for ARRI rosette.

  • Dedicated for commonly used screws and hex keys of camera rigs
  • Anti-dropping by holding hex keys via magnet and mounting screws on the threaded holes
  • Laser-engraved clear specification marks for conveniently accurate access
  • Containing a flannel bag and a strap hole for easy storage and carrying

Compatible with:
Camera Cages/Handles/Plates/ARRI Rosette

Technical Specs:
Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.4 x 0.9" / 80 x 62 x 24 mm (Storage Box)
Weight: 2.7 oz / 77 g (Total)
Material(s): Stainless Steal, Plastic

In The Box:
1 x Box
2 x 1/4” Slotted Screw
8 x 1/4” Socket Cap Screw
2 x 3/8” Slotted Screw
4 x M2 Phillips Screw
2 x M2.5 Socket Cap Screw
4 x M3 Phillips Screw
4 x M4 Socket Cap Screw
Glazer's SKU 84731
Manufacturer SMALLRIG