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The Posing Playbook for Photographing Kids: Strategies and Techniques for Creating Engaging, Expressive Images

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Anyone who has photographed children knows: kids don’t really do posing. But, as the photographer, it’s your job and your responsibility to deliver lasting, impactful images in which kids look great. More importantly, the goal is to create photographs of kids that are authentic, engage their spirit, and convey their unique personalities.

So how do you get beyond the “cheese” smile? How do you harness the wild energy of a kid who won’t stop moving? How do you create energy and dynamism with a kid who just seems…bored and not into it? How do you do all that and achieve a compelling composition with flattering light and the proper exposure?

Tamara Lackey has been photographing children and families for years, and in The Posing Playbook for Photographing Kids, she teaches you her strategies and techniques for successfully posing and photographing children. The book begins with a discussion of “organic posing,” an approach to directing the subject that focuses on making small adjustments that build up to a successful shot. Tamara moves on to the psychology of photographing children, covering how to read your subjects, work with different personality types, and elicit genuine engagement. She also discusses gear, accessories, composition, lighting, and camera settings.

Then, in five chapters that are the real core of the book, Tamara tackles typical shooting scenarios and works through each kind of shoot, explaining what worked, what didn’t, and how each shoot progresses from start to finish. Covering the real-world challenges you’ll face when photographing children, Tamara discusses photographing children in the studio, in urban settings, on commercial and fashion shoots, in outdoor natural settings, and in groups. At the end of each of these chapters, she provides a handy reference guide of poses to fuel and inspire your shoots.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Organic Posing
Chapter 2: The Psychology Behind Photographing Children
Chapter 3: Gear and Accessories
Chapter 4: Framing, Lighting, and Settings
Chapter 5: What to Keep in Mind When Finalizing a Shot
Chapter 6: In Studio
Chapter 7: Urban Settings
Chapter 8: Commercial and Fashion Shoots
Chapter 9: Outdoor Natural Settings
Chapter 10: Posing Children Together

Author: Tamara Lackey
Forward by: Joe McNally
Publish Date: April 28, 2020
Format: Soft Cover - Without Flaps
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Language: English
Book Size: 8 x 0.8 x 9.9 inches
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781681985534

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