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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!

3 Legged Thing Ellie PD Universal L-Bracket With Peak Design Capture-Compatible Base - Metallic Slate Grey

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3lt Ellie L Bracket Peakdesign

The World's Only Modular L-Bracket System
The Ellie System is a world first in modular camera brackets. Combining a reversible, rotatable vertical aspect, with one of four precision base units, the Ellie is the most functional, most compatible L-Bracket in the world, and the ONLY L-Bracket system with Peak Design & Arca Swiss compatibility.

Choice of FOUR different base units
Ellie has four possible base options giving an unprecedented level of compatibility. With two shoe choices - Arca or Peak Design V3 Capture, and two base lengths - Standard and Short, there's an Ellie to suit every camera.

Figure Hugging
With two-axis adjustments, Ellie fits more cameras than any other universal L-Bracket, with an unprecedented level of functionality.

Ellie's detachable release plate can be used in isolation, or with the vertical aspect. Dual Arca-Swiss profile sides and symmetrical 1/4"-20 threaded ends enable the vertical axis to be configured in 8 positions, enabling more cable access than ever before.

Ellie PD is identical to the original Ellie, but has a shoe compatible with Peak Design V3 Capture system. Also compatible with Arca-Swiss, and featuring screen slope and strap connector.

Adaptable. Adjustable. Innovative.
Ellie's unique vertical aspect has dual-Arca Swiss profiled edges, and symmetrical ends with twin 1/4"-20 threads, enabling 8 possible side configurations. This gives Ellie unprecedented compatibility and functionality

Ellie's uniquely configurable side aspect enables users to transform almost any standard ball-head into a long-lens rocker.

Glazer's SKU 52665
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