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Print at Home: Selecting Paper for your Photographs featuring Hahnemühle

Print at Home: Selecting Paper for your Photographs featuring Hahnemühle

When did you last print a photograph you created?

There once was a time (not too long ago) where the print was all we had to view an image. Today we browse thousands of images daily on platforms like Instagram. And we do so at a very past pace. 

When it comes to viewing prints though, we slow down, we experience an image at a deeper level. We can see the details, intimately. 

Another aspect of the print is having art in your home, or your family's home. Or even selling prints. 

Considering Paper Selection

We live in an exciting time when it comes to the options of printing our own work. Paper selection options today are vast and to some could be a bit daunting in determining just where to start.

Some questions you will want to ask yourself and you begin to research paper options:

  • Do you go with a glossy option, if so which glossy? 
  • Do you want texture? How much texture?
  • What about canvas?
  • What about metallic?
  • Do you want your images to have a painterly feel, or to pop a bit?
  • Do you the image to have a cooler or warmer tone?

So very many elements to consider, but we are here to help. So give us a call, or come in with any questions. 

Before You Print 

  • Calibrate your Monitor - Check out X-Rite or Datacolor for Calibration Tools
  • Use the ICC Profile that matches the paper you are printing on, to the printer you are using. This will be available on the paper manufacturer's website. 

Paper to Get You Started

With brands like Hahnemühle we offer a variety of Sample Packs. These packs are a great way to try out a few paper stocks you may be considering without the full investment in a box.

Another item we just love are the Photo Tin's that Hahnemühle offers. These come in A4 (about 4x6) and A5 (about 6x8). There are a few paper types available in these tins, and they could be used for anything from a mini portfolio to post cards and more.

Check out our entire line up of paper options

If you're in the market for a printer, shop printers here.

Learn More

Learn more about paper selection featuring Hahnemühle paper in this video. We  recently hosted a presentation with Veronica Cotter from Hahnemühle and Dennis Keeley, Photographer and Educator.

In this session we discuss a ton of paper options from Hahnemühle as well it includes a section where we review images submitted by the community and make paper recommendations based on those submissions.

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