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Meet Mamas With Cameras

Meet Mamas With Cameras


Introducing Mary Balmaceda and Wenmei Hill of Mamas with Cameras.


As we continue sharing stories of creatives in our community we’re really honored to share their story. Mary and Wenmei are mama’s and photographers.They created Mamas with Cameras as a way to engage with and provide education and support to a community of mamas who love photography. They focus on the importance of capturing images of precious moments and offer practical tips for embracing the technology that can sometimes feel intimidating.

Check out this video interview to hear more on the Mamas with Cameras group and what they offer. Their passion for photography, capturing life’s moments, and community is undeniable.”



Check out some of Mary’s work:


And some of Wenmei’s images:

About the gear…

Without the cameras we can’t create the photos. Fear not, no D850’s were harmed in the creation of this image!

Gear Lists

Mary Balmaceda

Wenmei Hill (a.k.a the gear junkie!)
Petzval 85mm f/2.2

Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season!

Gift Certificate for a Flytographers Vacation Photo Session
Class or Workshop, Like a Mamas with Cameras workshop!
To keep up with these ladies, we encourage you to follow them on Instagram: @MamaswithCameras. For more on their events and workshops check out their website.

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