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Glazer's Holiday: Staff Picks - Accessories

Glazer's Holiday: Staff Picks - Accessories

There are plenty of accessories on the market - we all know that. Choice paralysis is a real thing, and we’re here to try to make things a little easier. We chatted with the Glazer’s Camera staff, and they have spoken:

These are the staff picks for the best accessories - for yourself or others - as we move into the holiday season of 2023.

Clever Supply Brass Shutter Button

The Clever Supply Brass Shutter Button is a small yet impactful accessory for any camera enthusiast. This elegant little button not only adds a touch of vintage style to your camera but also provides a more comfortable and precise shutter release. It's east to install on any camera with a threaded shutter button, and instantly enhances the tactile experience of making images.

Tilta Mini Articulating Arm

If you're in need of a versatile and reliable articulating arm, the Tilta Mini Articulating Arm is a favorite among our staff. This sturdy arm is extremely affordable and is perfect for mounting access tries like monitors, microphones, or lights. With its high load capacity and multiple adjustment points, it's a dependable addition to any camera rig.

Smallrig Folding Screwdriver Kit

When you're out in the field, the SmallRig Folding Screwdriver Kit is a must-have tool. It's compact, easy to carry, and incredibly handy for on-the-go adjustments and repairs. With various screwdriver tips within a foldable design, it's a lifesaver for photographers and videographers alike.

Peak Design Cable Pack

Cable management is crucial for keeping your gear organized, and the Peak Design Cable Pack makes it a breeze. This pack includes a variety of high-quality cables neatly organized in a stylish pouch. It's a fantastic solution to keep your workspace clutter-free and ensure that your gear stays together and is easily accessible. Not only is it great for the desk drawer and keeping your cables tucked away in travel, but it's also a wonderful addition to your everyday carry backpack. With designated SD, hard drive. and cable slots, it adds extra organization to any backpack or rolling bag with ease.

Peak Design Capture Clip

The Peak Design Capture Clip is a game-changer for photographers on the move - especially those who like to hike or travel! This clip securely attaches your camera to your belt or backpack strap, allowing for quick and easy access. It's a practical way to keep your camera within arm's reach while keeping your hands free for other activities. Not to mention, it will save your trap/neck/back/shoulder lots of stress compared to if you were instead using a traditional sling camera strap!

Cinebags CB07 AC Pouch XL

Carrying and organizing your camera accessories is a breeze with the Cinebags CB07 AC Pouch XL. This extra-large pouch is built to accommodate various gear, from batteries to memory cards. Its rugged construction and ample compartments make it a durable and convenient option for videographers alike. Made specifically for Acs on set, it's easy to apply to other uses as well, so long as you have an array of tools you need within an arm's reach. This bag keeps gaff tape, memory cards, batteries, flashlights, and other accessories and tools within reach without being a burden on the wearer.

Portkets BM5 III WR 5.5" HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with Camera Control

When it comes to monitoring your shots, the Portkeys BM5 III WR 5.5" HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with Camera Control stands out. It offers a crisp display with touchscreen functionality and camera control features. Its compact size and water-resistant design make it an excellent addition to your outdoor shooting setup. Not only is it a beautiful display, but it can wirelessly control compatible camera - as is extremely affordable when pitted against other brands and products in the monitor space.

Wandrd 6L Sling

The Wandered 6L Sling is a stylish and functional camera bag. It's compact and designed to carry your essentials, offering quick access to your gear. Its comfortable and versatile design makes it perfect for photographers who are always on the go. Think of the available colors like Subaru paint jobs - fun, but also derived from nature, subtle and calming at the same time. The Wandrd 6L Sling is available in Black, Aegean Blue, Sedona Orange, Uyuni Purple, Wasatch Green, Dallol Yellow, and Yuma Tan.

About the Author:

Alex Everett is the Event & Social Coordinator at Glazer’s Camera. He is also a wedding photographer based in Seattle, WA.

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