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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!
Film of the Month - December: Fujifilm Instax

Film of the Month - December: Fujifilm Instax

In October and November, we highlighted the CineStill brand of film stock. They offer a few cool styles of film, like 800T, which provides an option for low light and creates some great textures. We also carry their 50D (Daylight Color) and BWXX (a black and white option).


Paxton Cole - @filmbypax

Paxton shared a short series of great images, highlighting some of Seattle's most popular signs. Thanks for sharing Paxton, we will be in touch to get your prize!!

Check out the other work captured on these fun film stocks from CineStill, #GlazersCineStill.


We thought about what film to highlight in December, and Fujifilm Instax just made so much sense, especially for the holiday season. One of the joys of Instant film is the nostalgia we feel when we watch an instant print come to life.

Fujifilm Instax is available in Mini, Square, and Wide sizes, with a variety of cameras and printers as options, so there's a little something for everyone.

Fujifilm recently announced the Instax Link WIDE Printer. For those of us who have been using Instax printers for a while, we are very excited to have the option of this newest larger printer, for larger prints, the ability to add a QR code to a print, and more.

With any of the Instax printers, you can print images captured on your smartphone, or transfer them from a digital camera to your smartphone.

How fun and versatile is Fujifilm Instax?

Check out these samples from Glazer's Staff!


Kate owns about 10 Fujifilm Instax cameras and printers, using them for snapshots of family and friends to printing images for her journals, or to hang on the walls of her home. Kate loves Instax because it lets her share images she creates immediately with friends, family, and clients. 


Sarah uses both Fujifilm Instax instant cameras, as well as a variety of other cameras from Polaroid, Nikon, and beyond. Sarah creates some fabulous self-portraits and captures elements of the city others may pass by. Sarah loves instant film because there’s a look and a feeling that instant analog produces that digital can’t replicate.


Share your fave Fujifilm Instax shots via Instagram and use the following hashtags to enter:

The swag bag includes film, a Glazer's tote, and more to our fave Instax creation in December.

Deadline for entries is 12/31/21.

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