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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!

Zacuto Pincher HDMI Cable Restraint

by Zacuto
SKU 1545
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Zacuto Pincher Hdmi Cable Restraint
The Pincher is a universal HDMI cable restraint for DSLR's. It is the perfect solution for keeping your HDMI cable in place. It includes the pincher device and a mounting bar that will allow you to use it out of the box on the Zacuto Gorilla Plate or DSLR Baseplate. The mounting bar attaches to the Gorilla Plate or DSLR Baseplate by using the two Allen screws that also attach the red thumb screw slider block to the baseplates. (If you are familiar with mounting the Z-Finder Frame on the Gorilla Plate or DSLR Baseplate, the mounting bar is attached the same way).

The Pincher cannot be used simultaneously with a metal Z-finder Mounting Frame. For users who want the option of both set ups, we recommend our Adhesive Frames.

The Pincher has horizontal adjustment and vertical adjustment so you can line the Pincher up to work on multiple DSLR cameras. To adjust horizontally or vertically, loosen the red thumb screws positioned at the bottom and/or side of the Pincher and slide; once positioned, tighten the red thumb screws.

The Pincher has many configurations to work with multiple cameras. It has been tested on the following cameras: Canon T2i T3i and T4i, 60D, 5D M2 and M3, 7D, 1D and 1DX, Lumix GH2, Nikon D3100, D7000, D800, D4, and D3s. It also works when using battery grips with the Canon 5D, 7D and T2i. The Pincher will need to be configured differently depending on your camera.
Glazer's SKU 1545
Manufacturer Zacuto