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Wedding Storyteller, Volume 2: Wedding Case Studies and Workflow - Roberto Valenzuela

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Wedding Storyteller Volume 2

Wedding Case Studies and Workflow
Roberto Valenzuela

In Wedding Storyteller, Volume 2: Wedding Case Studies and Workflow, photographer and bestselling author Roberto Valenzuela uses wedding case studies extensively to teach you in great detail the entire Wedding Storyteller Skill Components system that he introduced in Volume 1. Drawing from his highly successful career, Roberto shares multiple case studies from numerous real-world weddings, covering the entire wedding timeline, from the beginning of the day when the couple is getting ready until the last portion of the reception.

Roberto goes into deep technical detail regarding how to apply the Wedding Storyteller Skill Components system to help you excel at photographing weddings for your own clients. Copiously illustrated with nearly 700 photographs and illustrations, the book covers:

• The five key elements of assessing the getting-ready rooms

• The four types of wedding party group photos

• Roberto’s system for ceremony coverage, TARPP (The Action/Reaction Position Plan), which details the 10 crucial positions for the photographer to use to create the best and most cinematic story of the ceremony

• The “situational approach” to bride and groom portraits

• The three main locations for family portraits, and how to photograph “elevated” family portraits in each of them

• And much more

Also included is Roberto’s invaluable advice concerning such topics as equipment preparation, wedding psychology, lens selection and usage, and the importance of including imperfect but “fun” photos in your wedding photography (your clients will love it!). In Wedding Storyteller, Volume 1, you learned the Wedding Storyteller Skill Components system, which provides the foundation for your wedding photography. Here, in Volume 2, you’ll learn how to execute that system to perfection.



Chapter 1: Pre-Wedding Workflow Practices

Chapter 2: Implementation of the Wedding Storyteller Skill Components

Chapter 3: Working the Getting-Ready Rooms

Chapter 4: Bride and Groom Preparation

Chapter 5: Preparation Details

Chapter 6: Wedding Party Portraits

Chapter 7: The Ceremony: The Action/Reaction Position Plan (TARPP)

Chapter 8: Bride and Groom Portraits: A Situational Approach

Chapter 9: Elevated Family Portraits

Chapter 10: Reception Lighting and Execution


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