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Can't find what you are looking for, give us a call at 206-624-1100

Vixen Ap Star Tracker

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Vixen Ap Star Tracker

The Advanced Polaris components are combined to create a lightweight, but heavy duty star tracker. The AP Star Tracker comes with the STAR BOOK ONE controller that provides you both accurate tracking over long periods and comfortable operation. The AP Photoguider includes the STAR BOOK ONE Hand controller for smooth accurate tracking. The STAR BOOK ONE controller features variable tracking and slewing speeds as well as backlash compensation and PEC. The hand controller is autoguider ready for great astrophotography.

Glazer's SKU 21686
Manufacturer VIXEN
Product Specs
Mount: Advanced Polaris Mount R.A. Body unit 
Motor Drive: R.A. Motor Module and STAR BOOK ONE controller
Tripod: APP -TL130 Tripod
RA Slow Motion/DEC Slow Motion:Worm and Wheel Gears with 140 Tooth whole circle micro-movement
RA Axis:59mm diameter, aluminum alloy 
DEC Axis:59mm diameter, aluminum alloy 
Azimuth Adjustment:Twin screw knobs About 1.4 deg per rotation 
Altitude Adjustment:Latitude between 0deg ~ 65deg with a tangent screw bolts about 1.9 deg per rotation Number of Bearings:7 Pieces- Ball Bearings