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PhotoFest, Seattle's largest photo and video event of the year May 31 - June 5
PhotoFest, Seattle's largest photo and video event of the year May 31 - June 5

Ushio Ultra 5™ T5 Linear Fluorescent

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Ushio F28t5/835

T5 & T5 High Output Linear Fluorescent
The USHIO Ultra 5™ T5 Fluorescent lamps were designed to provide
the greatest lumen package in the shortest possible linear tube.
Thus, the Ultra 5 series of lamps provides energy efficiency, high
color rendition, optical control and improved lumen maintenance in
one of the slimmest linear fluorescent lamps on the market today.

Energy Efficiency - A system utilizing Ultra 5 T5 lamps can deliver
up to 104 LPW, thus outperforming standard T8 systems (90 LPW)
and T12 systems (66 LPW).

High Color Rendition - All Ultra 5 T5 High Efficiency and High Output
lamps utilize tri-phosphor coatings for superior color rendering
properties. These lamps have an 85 color rendering index.

Optical Control - With a diameter of only 5/8 inches, the reduced
surface area has allowed luminaire manufacturers to design low
profile luminaires with outstanding optical control. In addition, Ultra
5 T5 lamps work exceptionally in high-bay lighting fixtures where
these T5 systems are replacing Metal Halide systems. With little or
no strike and restrike time, these lamps can be used on dimmers and
sensors and make a logical choice for these retrofit opportunities.

Improved Lumen Maintenance - Through the use of a proprietary
phosphor coating which reduces mercury absorption and a special
coiled cathode, the Ultra 5 T5 lamp is able to maintain a more stable
lumen output over the life of the lamp. Light output of these lamps
actually increases as the operating temperature increases. The light
output of the T5 lamps peak at 95O° F (35O° C) which makes these
lamps especially bright when used in higher heat locations and
compact luminaires.

- Low Profile Light Source - Versatile Slim Design for Better
Luminaire Optics and a Wider Variety of Applications
- Energy Efficiency - Up to 104 LPW
- Special Phosphor Coating and Coiled Cathodes - Improves
Lumen Stability Over the Life of the Lamp
- High Color Rendering - High Efficiency and High Output T5
Lamps Have an 85 CRI
- High Operating Temperature - Lumens Increase at Hotter
Ambient Temperatures
- Instant Start and Restrike Capability - Ideal for Use on
Dimming Circuits and Occupancy Sensors
- Environmental Asset - Long Life Prevents the Build Up of
Discarded Lamps Which Means Less Waste
- Universal Burn Position

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