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PhotoFest is our largest event and sale of the year. PLUS Demos - Lectures - Photo Walks - Workshops from world-renowned experts! Don't miss it, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 2-4!
PhotoFest is our largest event and sale of the year. Don't miss it, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 2-4!

Rogue Photographic Design FlashBender v3 Reflector - Small

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Rogue Flashbender V3 - Small

Take control of the light from your on-camera flash with the FlashBender v3 Soft Box Kit from Rogue Photographic Design, its large surface allows you easily to bounce the light exactly where you need it, and also limit it from spilling into unwanted areas of the photograph. The upgraded attachment strap includes grippier material that helps the softbox to attach to most flash heads and stay put, no matter how it is shaped.

When attached to your on-camera flash, the large FlashBender v3 Reflector will soften the light from your flash whether you're shooting indoors or outside in the open. For an even softer light, or to eliminate bounce flash because you are shooting under an off-color or high ceiling, simply reconfigure the FlashBender into a soft box by attaching the included Rogue Diffusion Panel v3.

This versatile modifier may be used with an on-camera flash, or off-camera in multi-light setups to shape and direct the light on your main, background, accent, or hair light.

Canon: 430EX, 470EX, 580EX, 600EX
Godox: TT350, TT685, V860, AD200, V1
Nikon: SB500, SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB5000
Nissin: i40, i400, i600, i60A, Di700A, MG80, MG10
Olympus: FL-600R, FL-700WR, FL-900R
Profoto: A1, A1X
Sony: HVL-F32M, HVL-F45RM, HVL-F60RM
Fits most flashes measuring 6.75 to 17" in circumference

Glazer's SKU 63068
Manufacturer ROGUE
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