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Holga Holgon MF Flash

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Holga Holgon Mf Flash

The Holga Holgon MF flash is designed with new model Holga cameras in mind. It fits on a standard hot shoe mount and is as standard flash unit with built-in multiple flash capability and bounce feature.

Two flash modes available:

SF Mode (Standard Single Flash Mode)
each time the unit is triggered, either by means of the TEST button, via sync cord or hotshoe, the Holgon MF will flash only once.

MF Mode - (Multiple Flash Mode)
This mode is to be used with the \"B\" exposure setting of the new model Holga camera. Each time the flash unit is activated, it will fire at the rate of approximately two flashes per second during the whole period of the \"B\" setting exposure from the time when the shutter is released unitl it is closed again. Enables a series of images captured on a single frame.

You can also use the bounce head to soften shadows.

Guide number ISO 100, meter is 6.5.

Guide number ISO 100, feet is 21.

Glazer's SKU 18763
Manufacturer HOLGA