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RTS Moisture Munchers

by RTS
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SKU 97805
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CD-5 Moisture Munchers

While any silica gel packets can be used in our housings, we highly recommend the use of our model CD-5 Moisture Munchers. When first put into your housing, the packets will have a “blueish“ cast to them. As they absorb humidity created by the difference in temperature of the water vs. the ambient temperature of the air, they will turn a bright pink. This is an indicator that new packets should be exchanged for the now pink ones. As a bonus, the now pink packets can be put into either a convential oven at the lowest heat setting or a microwave at the “ popcorn “ setting. This will wick the moisture out of the packets, turning them blue again, and they can now be used again over and over, up to 8 to 10 times.

When first put in with your camera, the packets have a light blue “ cast “ to them. As they begin to absorb humidity, they turn from blue to bright pink. This is a great visual indication that it is time to replace the packets with fresh ones. A bonus feature is that, at the end of the day, you can take the saturated, pink pouches, and put them in either a conventional oven at the lowest heat setting, door open, or a microwave at the popcorn setting, and wick away the moisture in the packets, which will turn them blue again. You can then use them over and over again, up to about 8 times.
Glazer's SKU 97805
Manufacturer RTS