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Great Pictures From a Distance Become picture perfect and capture fantastic images with this easy to use Air Remote Control Release ‘Pneu’ from Hama. Allowing you up to 10m range the release trips the camera shutter using compressed air generated when the air bulb is squeezed, meaning there is no need for batteries or complicated settings - when you want to take the picture then simply squeeze the bulb. Ideal for professional and amateur photographers alike, this makes it perfect for capturing an image from a distance e.g. when photographing an animal and not wanting to disturb it or when you want to be in the shot yourself. Fantastic New Photo Opportunities with No Loss in Quality On triggering the release, the tripping of the shutter will be completely vibration free in order to ensure there is no intentional movement of the camera and that photo quality is not negatively impacted, with images remaining both sharp and clear. The release not only adds a professional touch to any photos, it also expands the range of photos you can take, as many may have been previously impossible without it (e.g. a picture of the whole group on a holiday or at an event). Compatible with most common cameras, its use can extend well beyond just your single current camera and is certainly not to be missed out on.
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Additional Information

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