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Our store & rentals are open 7 days a week! Online store available 24/7!
Our store & rentals are open 7 days a week! Online store available 24/7!

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Rental Terms & Conditions

Lessee agrees to save, hold harmless and indemnify Lessor against any and all liability or loss whatsoever resulting from the use of the rented property. Lessee acknowledges that Lessee is thoroughly familiar with complete operation of rented equipment. Lessee acknowledges receipt of the rental property in first class working condition at the time states herein.

TITLE AND RENTAL RATE. Lessee shall have possession of the equipment described herein only during the terms of this lease and title to same shall be and remain in Lessor.

Lessee agrees, on termination of this lease to immediately return the rented property to Lessor in the same condition in which received. Lessee also agrees to pay for any and all damages resulting to the rented property while in his/her possession or under his/her control, within 48 hours of return of equipment of notification of loss. If, due to time constraints at time of return, Lessor is unable to thoroughly examine rental equipment, complete inspection will occur at a later time. If upon inspection, Lessor finds damage, Lessee may be help accountable for such damage.

If Lessee desires to extend this lease, he/she will immediately so notify Lessor to obtain Lessor’s approval and the terms for extension. Lessee agrees to pay charges for this rental in advance or immediately upon return of the property or on receiving a statement of charges for the rental and that all collection fees, attorney’s fees, court costs and other expenses involved in collection such rental charge will be paid by Lessee.

If Lessee fails to return equipment as scheduled, Lessor will consider equipment stolen and will make all efforts to recover. Any and all costs to effect recovery will be responsibility of Lessee.