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We are open 7 days a week! Have questions, us a call at 206-624-1100!

Laowa Nanomorph S35 3-Lens Bundle (27mm, 35mm, 50mm) with Blue Flare for Arri PL/Canon EF

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The Laowa Nanomorph  S35 3-Lens Bundle (27mm, 35mm, 50mm) with Blue Flare for Arri PL/Canon EF is the world’s smallest anamorphic lens covering Super35 sensors. Each lens weighs <1.15 lbs which opens up more possibilities to use on gimbals, helmets, and drones. The constant 1.5x squeeze ratio makes it a mumps-free lens while retaining anamorphic characteristics. The relatively close focusing distance also provides more rooms for creators in composition and creates more depth of field. The PL and EF mounts are user interchangeable.

Anamorphic lenses are frequently used by big-budget Hollywood productions to achieve the cinematic widescreen perspective. Oval bokeh, horizontal flares and shallower depth of field are aesthetics which add a cinematic and artistic touch to your film.

  • Super 35 +
  • Super Light and Tiny
  • 3 Lens Kit (27,35,50)
  • Front Anamorphic Design
  • 1.5x Constant Squeeze
  • Blue and Amber Flare Options
  • 17" Close Focusing Distance
  • EF/PL Mounts Available
  • User Interchangeable Mounts

Weighs Less Than 1.08 lbs
Anamorphic lenses are always Huge and Heavy. This revolutionary “NANO-sized” lens weighs less than 1.08 lbs (490g) and is only 2.63″(64mm) long in EF/PL version, making it very handy for every set-up e.g. handheld, on a gimbal, on a slider, through tight space, even on a drone, etc. It makes a lot of formerly impossible shots possible.

S35 Coverage 
The lens is specially designed for Super35 (APS-C) & Micro Four Thirds sensors. But the larger than S35 coverage of the Nanomorphs allows the lens to be used on Full Frame cameras like Sony A7siii 4K 16:9 with only mild vignetting.

1.5x Squeeze Ratio
With a 1.5x squeeze, you will have a 2.66:1 on a 16:9 sensor after de-squeeze. Comparing to 1.33x anamorphic lens, Laowa Nanomorph delivers a much more pronounced anamorphic & cinematic look. For 1.8x/2x squeeze, the lens will become huge and a lot more image will be wasted when pairing with 16:9 sensor.

Spherical lens vs Anamorphic lens
Anamorphic Lens offers a more wider horizontal field of view and shallower depth of field than spherical lenses.

Artistic Oval Bokeh
Anamorphic Lens offers a more wider horizontal field of view and shallower depth of field than spherical lenses. A 1.5x squeeze ratio also renders stretched oval bokeh which gives an artistic touch to the image. A 1.5x squeeze ratio gives a stronger sense of compression and bokeh of more oval.

17" Close Focusing Distance
Anamorphic lenses tend to have longer closest focusing distance due to restriction of optical design. Nanomorph has one of the Shortest Close Focusing Distance among all anamorphic lenses in the market. Filmmakers could obtain a very close-up shots which renders much shallower depth of field and stronger bokeh. This offers a much higher flexibility in framing.

(From the subject to sensor)
Nanomorph 27mm T2.8 1.5x Cine – 43cm / 16.9″
Nanomorph 35mm T2.4 1.5x Cine – 60cm / 23.6″
Nanomorph 50mm T2.4 1.5x Cine – 70cm / 27.5″

No Anamorphic Mumps
In some cheaper anamorphic lenses with synchro focus design in the market, the squeeze ratio varies when focus close and hence changes the actual size of the subject. That’s what we called anamorphic mumps. There is no way to correct in post and is not usable in professional shootings. Our Nanomorph guarantees a constant squeeze ratio at ALL focusing distance.

For cheaper anamorphic lenses, anamorphic mumps made the lens un-usable at closer distance (e.g. a 1.8x lens will become 1.62x when focused at 0.7m). For more professional design out there, the lens is bulky and costs a fortune. That’s the reason why Laowa decided to develop and invented this unique patented anamorphic design to guarantee a uniform squeeze ratio, promising optical quality, tiny size and affordable price which solves the struggles of every anamorphic user.

Focusing Groups
The anamorphic blocks are put behind the spherical elements and the focusing groups. These two groups compress the image, and hence the smaller anamorphic blocks can be used, which makes the lens tinier. Moreover, the image is formed and focused before the anamorphic blocks which maintains a constant squeeze ratio no matter if the focus changes.

Unified Gear Position
The unified gear position allows users to switch lenses quickly and without readjustment on the focus gear.

77mm Filter Thread for Screw-in Filters
77mm filters can be attached directly on the lens which filmmakers can combo a handy set-ups. It is favorable when doing a Run-And-Gun shot or flying it with a drone.

0.8 Mod Gear
Industry standard 0.8 mod gear is installed on both aperture and focus rings.

Flange Adjustment
Filmmakers could fine tune the back focus quickly by a 0.9mm hex key (included in the package), which ensures the scale is still accurate and aligned after changing cameras.  

Dual Scale
Both imperial and metric scale are printed on the lens body.

Technical Specs:
Focal Lengths: 27mm T2.8, 35mm T2.4, 50mm T2.4, 3-lens Bundle
Flare Options: Amber, Blue, Silver
Mounts: PL/EF (interchangeable)

In the box:
1x Laowa Nanomorph S35 3-Lens Bundle (27mm, 35mm, 50mm) with Blue Flare for Arri PL/Canon EF
1x EF-Mount Bayonet
1x Shim Set
1x Allen Wrench (0.9mm Hex Key)
1x Front and End Caps for PL&EF Mount

Glazer's SKU 84493
Manufacturer LAOWA