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K 5600 Joker2 1600W Jo-Leko Kit

by K5600
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The K 5600 Joker2 1600W Jo-Leko Kit is the most powerful unit of the Joker2 range. At 1600W, this Joker is comparable to over 6000W of a Quartz fixture’s output and produces one full stop more than our Joker2 800. The high light output of this setup allows the projected beam to travel longer distances and be visible in environments with higher ambient light levels, even when using deep-color gels. The included high-speed fully dimmable ballast offers 300 and 1000 Hz frequencies and built-in wireless DMX control via LumenRadio, enabling control via a smartphone or tablet.

This Joker2 kit features a Joker head and ballast, along with our custom designed 1600W Bug-A-Beam Adapter. The adapter comes with yoke and is large enough to dissipate the heat, yet still compatible with standard ellipsoidal cutters and lenses on the market. 

Without the BAB Adapter, the Joker can still be used as a bare-bulb unit, which is optimal for use in light-banks and lanterns due to its ability to create perfectly even distribution within accessories.  

The 1600W comes with a dimmable ballast, which is able to work at 300 or 1000 Hz frequencies for High speed shoots. Drawing only 15 amps on a 120V line, the 1600W ballast can run on any available house power. Using the "Lumenradio" protocol, the new ballast now has an antenna and DMX panel allowing for it to be controlled via a tablet or smartphone.

Technical Specs:
Head: Die Cast Aluminum
Ballast: Electronic square wave, flicker free AC Input; 90-265V, 50/60Hz. Convection Cooled. Hi Speed 1000Hz; Wireless DMX enabled; 15 Amps @ 120V 
Watts: 1600 Watts

Lamp: 1600W CSR/HMI, 5600K, Single Ended, 700 hrs of runtime
Cable: 9' Head Cable
Accessory Size: Bug Speed Ring

Head: 10 x 9 x 13 in / 9 lbs
Ballast: 15 x 9 x 4 in / 14 lbs

In the box:
1x Joker2 1600W Head w/Cable (U1600B2)
1x Lamp 5600K, 750 Hrs SE, UV Stop (L1600SE)
1x 1600W Ballast; wDMX, ALS, Dimming, 1000Hz (B1600E2)
1x 1600W BAB Adapter (A1600BAB)

Glazer's SKU 58658
Manufacturer K5600