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Vixen Solar Glasses



View the sun safely with these high quality solar viewing glasses from Vixen. Using a solid shield "Solar Proteck", these glasses reduce the visible light rays. The infrared and ultraviolet rays, which can cause damage to our eyes, are removed to completely protect your eyes during solar observation. This high quality material will not break or tear so you are assured of protection for your eyes and the best solar viewing possible.

"SolarProteck" is special shielding plate decorated with Aluminum Vacuum Evaporation Finish on optical absorption acrylic material. It possess outstanding shielding performance in every aspects of visible light transmission rate, ultraviolet transmission rate, infrared transmission rate, and it is in conformity with Japanese Industrial Standards (Regulation Number: JIS T-8141).
In addition, in order to ease direct sunlight so-called "reflection light" against eyes during observation, "Eclipse Glass" adopted unique face mask design to cover the face. After continuous improvements made with consultation to research facilities such as ophthalmologist and observatories, this unique design and the high level of shielding performance and highest safety was achieved.

The Vixen Solar Glass was designed with the advice of an ophthalmologist and received a Safety Certification. These glasses were recommended by the Japan Committee for the International Year of Astronomy as a highly safe solar observing tool.

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Additional Information

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