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NEW SENSOR-NEW POSSIBILITIES The new Leaf Credo 50 is the latest member to the very successful Credo line. It follows the course of delivering legendary image quality and by employing a new high-performance CMOS sensor, it brings high iso capabilities along with fast capture rate, high dynamic range and improved Live View performance. HIGH RESOLUTION AND HIGH SPEED The Leaf Credo uses high resolution SONY CMOS sensor with 50 Megapixel, measuring 44mm x 33mm. It can capture at 1.2 frames per second and provides an extended iso range of 100-6400 means more freedom in choosing locations, lighting conditions and capture parameters. For many photographers this means they no longer have to carry another camera for certain type of jobs. UNCOMPROMISING IMAGE QUALITY The Leaf Credo 50 delivers the stunning, film-like quality that has been Leaf’s trademark for many years. The new CMOS sensor delivers an unsurpassed 14 f-stops of dynamic range provides unmatched detail, richness of color, low noise and beautiful tonality. HIGH QUALITY LIVE VIEW The use of the new CMOS sensor allows for improved Live View image quality with faster refresh rate ald low noise at almost every lighting conditions. WIDE SPECTURM The Leaf Credo 50 is available also in Wide-Spectrum version, where the standard IR-cut filter has been replaced with an optically corrected glass. This new back delivers amazingly clean detail in a wider wavelength range due to high NIR sensitivity, high iso capability and excellent long exposures performance. Read more about the WS backs. LONG EXPOSURES The New Leaf Credo 50 digital back can capture virtually noise free images with exposures of up to 1 hour long. TOTAL CONTROL FROM CAPTURE-TO-DELIVERY The Leaf Credo 50 lets you shoot anywhere. Featuring a high resolution, touch 3.2” screen, enabling you t o view, inspect and edit your images under all kinds of challenging lighting conditions, both in-studio and outside, as well as offering a wide range of on-screen functions. CAPTURE SPEEDS AS FAST AS 1.2 FRAMES PER SECOND Providing the fastest image transfer speed through the use of advanced FireWire 800, USB 3.0 and UDMA CompactFlash technologies, the Leaf Credo 50 is built for speed.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Glazer's SKU 65982
Manufacturer Mamiya
MFG SKU 7181400
Features No
In The Box No
Product Specs
  • CCD size 44 mm x 33 mm
  • Active pixels 8280 x 6208
  • Resolution 50 MP
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Pixel size 5.3 micron
  • ISO sensitivity 100-6400
  • Exposure time 1/10,000 seconds – 60 minutes
  • Full resolution capture rate 1.2 frames/sec
  • RAW File compression (large) 50 MB
  • RAW File compression (small) 33 MB
  • Output image dimensions 300 dpi: 70.1 x 52.6 cm
  • Output image dimensions 600 dpi: 35.0 x 26.3 cm
  • Color depth 14 bits (16,384 levels per channel)
  • Dynamic range 14 f-stops
  • Color management workflowRange of factory ICC profiles, plus optional ability for users to create their own custom camera profiles
  • Display3.2 in, 1.15 MP bright touch LCD with 170 degree viewing angle
  • Image viewingPreview up to 6 images on one LCD screen, up to 400% zoom
  • Onboard toolsLive View on LCD, spirit level, ISO, white balance, histogram, exposure alarms, image rating, 645DF custom functions
  • LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian
  • StorageCompactFlash including UDMA 6 and 7
  • ConnectivityFireWire 800, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • Software Capture One 7.2 or higher
  • Battery3400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion
  • Mail In Rebate Label N/A